Monday, 9 February 2015

My Top 4 Bronzers!

Hi there!

So today I'm gonna do a quick review on my top 4 fave bronzers of the moment!

Bronzer is 100% my favourite make-up item to use as I love having bronzy/glowly skin all year round. I have quite the bronzer collection but these are my favourites as of this moment in time. As I wear fake tan pretty much all the time apart from when I'm naturally tanning in the summer, I find bronzers complement tans so much and also create the illusion of more defined cheekbones on faces that aren't quite as chiselled as others 'like myself'.

First up!

Estee Lauder- Bronze Goddess- 03 medium deep £32
I think this bronzer comes in four different shades so its worth swatching in store before hand. I do feel that this bronzer does run a little orange so wouldn't necessarily recommend for the use of contouring. Also if you prefer more browny toned bronzers this one would probably not be for you. However I really like orangey bronzers and i feel this one is perfect to add warmth to the face when your looking a bit pale. The formulation of this product is beautiful; It's very pigmented (use a light hand), feels super soft and very easily blend-able on the skin. Also it is a matte bronzer, which i personally prefer and it will last all day on yo face. Now It is an expensive bronzer, but honestly it is so worth it for such high quality product.

MAC mineralize skinfinish- Give Me Sun £23
Definitely the most orangey bronzer I own. But I Love it! Perfect for when I'm on day 1-3 on my fake tanning week as it complements the skin tone beautifully. Being a mineralize skinfinish the powder is a lot softer and lightweight then your average bronzer which I find works perfectly for gliding over the skin without ever looking patchy. Obviously it gives A LOT of warmth to the face but if used with a light hand can look so beautiful especially if paired with a nude lip. I find it goes well with peachstock lipstick by mac.

Nars Laguna bronzer £27.50 (If brought as full size)
Now, I recently ran out of my full sized laguna so I had to take a picture of my orgasm/laguna duo pallet instead. This is probably one of my most reached for out of all the bronzers I own as it's the perfect shade for everyday wear whether I'm tanned/not tanned as it's a more natural shade. I think this bronzer is perfect for fair to medium skintones but if you have darker skintone I would probably recommend trying casino by nars instead (which is also a beautiful bronzer). As this is a cult classic I won't go into much detail as you've probably heard it all before. However as you can probably tell this one leans more browny undertones rather than orangey which I find perfect for contouring. It has the tiniest amount of gold shimmer in it which can hardly been seen when applied so don't worry if you're a matte lover. It's easily blend-able and build-able and also has lovely buttery feel to it.

The Balm- Bahama mama £15
YES YES YES!! omgard i feel this brand is so underrated it frustrates me. I have tried a few of their products and I especially love the mary-lou manizer highlighter. I am obsessed with it. Anyways, This is the bronzer I've been using everyday for a while now and it is just PERFECT in my opinion. There's not a bad thing I can say about it. Well I guess you could argue the packaging gets super grubby but that does not bother me in the slightest tbh. I actually really like it when a product gets dirty I feel it expresses a person's undying love for it. It's soft, pigmented, matte, easily blend-able, fab staying power, unique packaging, I could go on.. It's just the perfect brown toned bronzer. Also It's the cheapest out of all the bronzers I have listed and I'm gonna say it..... IT IS MY FAVOURITE. I 110% recommend without a shadow of a doubt.

Thanks for reading and I'll leave you with some swatches (sorry they're not the best). see you next time!

Katherine x
Left to Right 'no flash' (Laguna, bronze goddess, bahama mama, give me sun)

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