Sunday, 2 November 2014

LUSH haul

The other week I was browsing online and stumbled across the lush website. I realised I haven't brought anything from lush for ages so it only seemed right to place an order. Especially as they have all their Halloween/Christmas things out. I also went into my local lush store and grabbed a couple more things too.

What I got-
Lord Of Misrule bath bomb
Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar
Butter Bear bath bomb x2
Northern Lights bath bomb
Cinders bath bomb
So White bath bar
Yog Nog soap
Baked Alaska Snowball soap
Rock Star soap
Miranda soap
Holly Golightly bubble bar
Snowcake soap
Sea Vegetable soap
The Melting Snowman bath melt
and a repurchase of Mask Of Magnaminty and Dark Angels cleanser (my fave)
I know, I went a bit OTT. Especially with the bath bombs even though I do not have a bath in my house. Although there is a suitable explanation for this. I'm actually going away with my boyfriend and some friends in just under 2 weeks to a cottage in wales for 5 nights and there is a bath there so obviously I had to go a bit wild in lush. Any leftover bath bomb's that I don't have the chance to use will be given to my little cousin who is another Lushy lover so nothing will go to waste.
As I am yet to try the bath stuff out I thought I'd do a quick review on some of the soaps I've tried so far. Lush soaps are probably my favourite things to buy from lush. Mainly because you can use them in shower so they're the product I get the most use from. I must admit, when looking for a lush soap I don't really fuss to much about what good things it does for the skin. So to me, its all about the scent!
First up- Yog Nog soap
This is one I brought online so I had no idea what it was going to smell like. When I received it I was super happy. This one smells delicious! I've never smelt anything quite like it before so that alone makes it special. To me it smells of cinnamon, toffee and fudge all rolled into one. It's also the creamiest of the soaps I brought so can't hold it for to long as it starts to melt a bit. To be honest it actually feels like one of their massage bars rather than a soap however it does a lovely job when showering by moisturising and making the skin smell almost edible ;). I think this ones actually my fave and I'm a bit gutted its only available during Christmas time.
Rock Star soap-
OmG! Another one I've never smelt anything like before. I genuinely can't explain the smell of this soap. It's so unusual! the only way I can think to explain it in my own words would probably be a very sweet bubblegum playdoughy smell (but in a good way). Haha honestly that is all I can think of. According to Lush in this soap is rapeseed oil, coconut oil and vanilla absolute so there you go. I find it to be not as moisturising as the yog nog soap but the scent however lingers on the skin for ages.  I would definitely recommend this soap. Also I would like to add, as you can see from the image, I prefer to chop the soap into little squares or triangles rather then use the whole block at once just purely because I feel its more hygienic and lasts a lot longer!
 Baked Alaska Snowball soap-
Another beautiful smelling soap. This is Baked Alaska soap and I'm pretty sure (could be wrong) it's only around during Christmas time so grab some quickly! When I got home I was actually a bit disappointed with the way the girl in lush cut my chunk because my piece smells mainly of only the one scent which to me smells like pumpkin (the red bit) . However I will be repurchasing this again but just making sure I get a more colourful slice next time! In this one there is grapefruit oil, Ylang Ylang oil, rapeseed and coconut oil so all those good things for the skin.
 That's it for today! as always, thanks for reading and hopefully I will do a review on some of the bath bombs I got very soon.
Katherine x

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