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Beauty products I've been lovin

SUP guys!

Hope all is well. So today I've decided to dedicate my second post to products I've been loving over the past few weeks. Firstly I'd like to apologise for the rubbish picture quality. I've recently lent my camera to a friend who is opening up his own restaurant in Birmingham and needs to take some shots of his new pride and joy. So for now I am having to take pics off my iPhone. Anyways let's get to it!


So here they are! My fave products of the moment.

1) MAC mineralize skinfinish in soft and gentle- I purchased this product about 3 weeks ago when I stayed in Birmingham with my boyfriend. We didn't do much for valentines so he surprised me with a two night stay in a hotel in Birmingham so I could do as much shopping as I wanted whilst we were there(which was great!) . Anyway back to the product. Believe it or not but this is my first ever MAC product. As only getting a basic wage every month I can't really afford to be splashing out loads on high end makeup at the moment (and we all know how expensive MAC makeup is) but I'd been wanting a mac highlighter for so long so I rushed straight to Selfridges and thought I'd treat myself ;] I love highlighters because I always wear quite matte foundation as my skin type at the moment is quite oily and its nice to put a bit of shine (which doesn't look sweaty) on my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose. I wear this everyday and as soon as it runs out I'm sure I'll be straight back in MAC to re-purchase it or even try out one of there newer ones!

2) Alien by Thierry Mugler Perfume- Alien is by far my favourite perfume of all time. I've loved it for years and it's still my favourite scent. I receive a fresh bottle every Christmas off my mom and I always count it as one of my favourite xmas pressies. I only use to wear it on special occasions as it quite an over powering scent I didn't want to knock my friends out with the smell. However, just before Christmas I was on Debenhams online and saw they were selling a little 15ml bottle called a refillable stone. As it was on sale at the time I just couldn't resist, so I ordered it as I thought its the perfect size to pop in my handbag and carry around with me on the go and now I use it pretty much every day. I would say it's definitely my signature smell. If you haven't tried Alien be sure to check it out, might not be for everyone, but I'm sure if you like floral, woody, amber scents you will love this!

3) Sleek makeup (matte me) matte lip cream in the colour 'birthday suite'- WOW. Ok so I first discovered sleek makeup about 6 months ago when I watched a haul video of one of my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube. I think sleek makeup is amazing! there blushers are so pigmented and not pricey at all. some point in the future I plan to do a review on all my sleek products so will get more into detail about them when that day comes. But for now back to this! I was in superdrug about two weeks ago and was checking out the sleek lipsticks. To be honest I'm not a massive lipstick fan which doesn't make sense as I own quite a few lipsticks (I know, silly right?) I dunno why, it's just I'm constantly either licking my lips (hungry all the time lol) and touching my face which makes it smudge. However, if I am to wear anything on my lips, it's ALWAYS a matte lipstick. Lip glosses, creamy and shine lipsticks just don't work for the reasons being stated above. So I came across this matte lip cream! I was truly amazed, Being creamy when first put on the lips makes it easy to apply, but within about a minute it dry's matte. And trust me, this stuff doesn't budge! to actually get it off my lips at the end of the day I have to use a makeup remover wipe. I have been using this so much the past couple weeks and I am lovin' it! I got mine in the colour birthday suit as I much prefer a nude lip on a day to day basis but will definitely be repurchasing this is a brighter colour for nights out etc.

4) collection lasting perfection concealer in the colour cool medium- As you are probably aware if you read a lot of beauty blogs this is pretty much everyone's favourite concealer at this moment in time. And I see why because it is amazing! I won't go to into depth about it as you've probably read about this concealer a million times on other blogs. Basically for someone who doesn't get much sleep at all (like myself) and suffers from dark bags under the eyes (like myself) this is perfect for you. Even though the consistency of this product is quite thick I don't think it looks cakey at all. The coverage is absolutely crazy as it covers up all your blemishes and leaves your eyes looking wide awake! I must be honest though, what were collection thinking when they made the packaging! Now if you are an adopted mother or even father (cause you know, boys can wear make-up too guys!) of this product you will know how irritating it is when the writing rubs off super quick onto your hands and leaves the packaging looking a bit cheap (you know like something you would have in your makeup (pencil case) bag as a 10 year old). Never the less, its about what's in the inside that counts and the insides of this product are fab so I definitely highly recommend!

5) Carmex Lip Balm in cherry flavour- My new favourite lip balm! does exactly what it says on the tin. It soothes, it protects, it moisturises. For me there are three stages of poorly lips. The first stage being sore and red, second being sore and dry and the third being dry and chapped. The first stage is always the worst stage for me. Before I discovered carmex I use to used Vaseline and palmers cocoa butter formula which are still great lip savers but are much better for the second and third stages (if you get my drift). Carmex can take care of all three stages for me! and to be honest if you catch the first stage in time with this product you don't even reach second stage which is great! If you suffer from poorly lips get your hands on this miracle worker.

6) Umberto Gianni grunge glamour tousled salt spray- Now I got this product in part of a gift set about two years ago and have only just rediscovered it and I am so glad I did. To be honest with you, I'm not really a hair obsessive. I never do anything special with my hair. After recently cutting it very short over the past 8 months it's became so much easier to control. I hardly ever use heat on my hair, always let it dry naturally, never straighten or curl it unless it's a really special occasion and dye it every few months. Luckily I was blessed with very thick wavy hair which I do love having the majority of the time as its easy to tame. I wash my hair about every 2/3 days and never use condition(SHOCK HORROR) aha I know a lot of you with probably be thinking why why why? but it's so good for your hair! but personally I just don't like the feel of having soft shiny hair. From early teens I've always had the messy style hair, I dunno I just think its suites me better as I wouldn't count myself as a proper girly girl even though I love all things beauty and fashion (sorry if I'm not making any sense). I've went off subject again, anyway back to this. I love Umberto Giannini products I have purchased a few over the years and this is my fave. As I go for the messy beach hair style, salt spray is a must. On the back of the product it says to spray evenly through damp hair but I spray it in my hair when its dry and I think it works better that way. It doesn't leave your hair looking greasy or anything like that, just a nice lived-in texture and beachy style and as it says on the bottle come-to-bed hair ;]. Quick tip- to achieve a more wavy beach hair style with this product, spray on dry hair, tie hair is a messy bun and sleep with the bun in. wakeup, take the bobble, band, scrunchie or whatever you call it out and wallah! You will have the hair of a Victoria's secret model rolling around on the beach in the Bahamas (Well, a girl can at least dream).

7) Lush cosmetics dark angels face and body cleanser- I love lush, like many other millions of people around the world I presume. I just love every thing about the place, the smell, the appearance, the products, EVERYTHING. I was first introduced to lush when my aunty brought me a gift set for Christmas two years ago (can't remember what the gift box was called, sorry) and I loved it. So ever since then I've been trying out their products. Up until recently I realised I have never tried one of their cleansers. So I went into a lush shop and asked about a cleanser which would help control my oily T-zone and a sudden break out at the time and one of the workers recommended dark angels. On the pot it says that dark angels has mud, charcoal, black sugar, organic avocado oil and many other lovely ingredients in it too and all of these ingredients help reduce spots and oiliness in the skin, so I was told. I love this cleanser it really does work for me on my skin. I have read reviews on this product and some people have said they don't like how it takes a while to wash off the face as the charcoal in it is black and it is quite stubborn to wash off which is true. But for me, this isn't a problem as it does the job and I don't mind that it takes a bit longer to wash off my face. I brought the 100g size pot for bout £6.something which is fine as I've already used it about 6 times and still got loads left. It's recommended to use it only once or twice a week which I do and in all honesty has left me feeling very fresh faced and spot free! so if you have problem skin like me sometimes, get down to lush and get yo self some dark angels.

8) Neutrogena visibly clear blackhead eliminating daily scrub- If you suffer from blackheads, this is a must! I use this every day and even after the first use I noticed a difference to my skin in appearance and texture. My skin feels like a new born baby's after using this (swear down)! The micro-beads are very small so doesn't feel like it scratches the skin. It definitely purifies the skin and cleanses deep into the pores which makes your pores look visibly reduced. Honestly, it's just my fave everyday face wash at the moment.

9) Witch blemish stick- I use to use the product years ago and was as impressed with it then as I am now. To be honest, I totally forgot this product existed until recently I was having a gander around boots and came across it (yesssss!) obviously I picked it up straight away. For only £2.something this is a definite must have. Now I'm not gonna lie and say if you put this on your spots they will completely disappear because they won't unfortunately. I don't even think there is a product out there that can do that is there? anyhoo, I can tell you from my own personal experience, it does visibly reduced redness and spot size. I put it on my blemishes just before I go to bed and in the morning in all honesty they have reduced in size and colour. Love this product, and I am so glad I found it again. If you have ever tried it let me know in the comments!

10) Garnier, Intensive 7 days ultra-replenishing lotion in very dry skin- Last but not least, This is my final product I have been loving. I don't actually suffer from dry skin at all, I only really use a body moisturiser when I'm on holiday to keep my skin feeling hydrated after being in the sun all day. However, my mom brought home a few bottles of this body moisturiser after she went on a trip to Superdrug in all different skin types and scents (she's a bit of a moisturiser hoarder, sorry mom love you) and she said I could have this one. So after a shower I've been moisturising with this product and wow does my skin feel great! even though I don't have dry skin this product has just made my skin feel extra smooth! very very pleased with this one, will definitely be taking a bottle of this with me on my holidays this year.

Ok and that's it! wow I've only just realised how long this post is. If you do give this a good'ol read I do hope you enjoy it, sorry if it's a bit long, I do have a tendency of 'waffling' on a bit hehe.
Anyway will see you next time!

love Katherine

P.s these are all my own opinions and I'm sorry if you do purchase these products and you don't feel they work as well for you as they did for me.

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