Tuesday, 2 September 2014

August Favourites

I'm back with my August faves!

1) Sleek blush- Life's a peach
    My favourite blush of the summer! I love anything peachy/orange (especially when I've got a bit of a tan) so as soon as I saw it obvs I had to pick it up. It's nowhere near as freighting as it looks it the pan so don't worry. It's actually not as pigmented as the other sleek blushers I own however I find this a plus as you can build it up gradually. I find it to be very blend-able, have great staying power and really does give a peachy glow to the skin. Also I've heard its a great dupe for MAC peaches ;]
2) Nars pure matte lipstick- Tashkent
I brought this lipstick as a blind buy a few months ago off asos as I needed a new nude matte lipstick. When I first got it I was very impressed with the colour payoff and staying power although was not happy about how it dried out my lips. However after abandoning it my makeup draw for a while, I thought I'd give it a second chance. Now I love it! I found that by putting a thin layer of lip balm or a lip primer under it works wonders and it still stays matte. I would say this nude offers more brown/peachy undertones rather than pink undertones and provides full opaque coverage to the lips. I find that all nudes look different on different skin tones so would recommend testing it out before you buy it.
3) Real techniques- Blush brush
Ok, so everyone knows how amazing these brushes are so I won't go into to much detail. However I HAVE to mention how amazing this brush is for applying bronzer! I went on holiday to Tunisia with my boyfriend in July and came back with a bit of tan so I went a little mad with the bronzer. This brush is the perfect tapered shape for getting it all them places around your face that you wish to pack on the bronze! not to mention how soft it is!

4) Weleda skin food
one word- AMAZING. By far the most rich, hydrating face and body cream I have ever used. If you don't mind feeling a bit greasy after application you will love this and trust me it is worth it. Luckily I have a back up of this already as I used pretty much all of this one when I was abroad. After a long day in and out of the sun (I wore SPF) after a shower I would apply an aloe vera after sun jel and then apply this all over and the next morning my skin would feel amazing. It you suffer from dry skin I'd highly recommend skin food. Not only does it get the job done it smells lovely. Also great if you want to beat the air conditioning on long haul flights from giving you dehydrated frog skin. My boyfriend also loved it a bit too much :|

5) Eylure False lashes- Naturalites
I've recently got back into wearing fake lashes and these are my all time faves. I find they look so natural on the eyes, stay on all day even with the glue they come with and are super quick and easy to apply. I just cut them down to fit my eye shape, apply a bit of mascara to blend my natural lashes with them and away I go. Love them for day and night.

6) Maybeline- The rocket volum' express waterproof mascara
Again, another product I took away with me on my jollies. To be honest I've never been a fan of waterproof mascara. I've always found it such a pain to remove it at the end of day. This until I discovered cleansers about a year ago. I always use to remove my makeup with remover wipes and as the waterproof formula is so stubborn found chunks of my lashes would come off with the mascara. However I use it more often now as I take my makeup off with a gentle cleanser (bodyshop camomile cleansing oil) and I love it. I find this mascara holds a curl so much better then a non waterproof mascara and also does not dry up as quickly as others. I've had this mascara for two months now and its still going strong, even after everyday use.

7) Soap and glory- Butter yourself moisture lotion
This smells incredible! the main reason I bought it really. But not only does it smell delish it also does a nice job of nourishing the skin, not as great as other body lotions I've tried mind. However the smell makes up for it and that's why it's in my faves. I cant really explain it but if your going to boots some time soon please give it a sniff and i'm sure you will know what I mean.

8) Models own nail polish for tans- Flip flop
My summer nail colour! pretty much wore this on my nails for the past 2 months. I love it! My perfect pastel neon colour for summer. I also own the beach bag from the same collection and I find the formula of these nails polish's to be fab. I find them quick-drying, easy to apply, non-streaky and the colour payoff, well, you can see for yourself is amazing. I quickly applied 2 coats on my nails to show you (as you can see I'm not the best nail painter in the world) aha but you can see how impressive the colour results are.
9) Elizabeth Arden- Eight hour cream
I only have this in the small size but it has lasted me ages. Like the skin food, I find this to be another rich, intensive, hydrating cream that does wonders for your skin and a lot less lighter and kinder for the face. It has an SPF of 15 so great to use under a foundation that doesn't have a SPF in. The only thing I dislike (which isn't even a major dislike) about this moisturizer is that the scent is a bit overpowering. However I love it and have been using it for a while now and honestly I believe this is what has made my skin look a lot brighter and healthier!

So there you go!
hope you enjoy

Katherine x

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