Friday, 31 October 2014

Meet my cat

Hellooo welcome back to my blog!

So today I've decided to do a blog post about my cat. I'm not to sure why but I thought it was only right to introduce you to her now as I will more than likely mention her in future blog posts. So basically, if you haven't already guessed, I am, what most people would call, a crazy cat lady. To cut a long story short, I just love cat's! my cat, my mom's cats, other peoples cats and probably even your cat. If I could have a house full of cats I 100% would aha. I reckon that people who don't like cats who follow me on instagram/ facebook ect must get so annoyed with my extensive cat image uploads and cat video and photo sharing.  But come'on how can you not share a video of cute kittens bobbing their heads in sync to a funny song!

Here she is! This is Alba, nickname, silver banana (silly name myself and my boyfriend gave her when she was a baby) and she is now just over 2 years old.

Even though I love all types of cats I do however have a favourite breed and have a huge soft spot for the 'British short hair'. Before getting Alba I did a lot of research into the British shorthair breed finding out about their background, nature and many others things too. I found out they come in various colours, 'blue' being the well-known breed colour which is a dark grey. Alba is actually a lilac colour so she is a lighter shade of grey but you can also find them in other colours like cream, black, colour point, brown and more. The reason I'm so in love with the breed is because of their teddy bear-like features. Distinctively chunky shape, large chubby round head, big beautiful eyes, soft dense coat and their chilled out, easy going and affectionate nature. People say cat's aren't loyal like dogs are but for some reason Alba is different. She depends on me a lot, whether it's because I feed her separately to my moms cats so she see's me as her master, whether it's in her nature to have one specific favourite human or whether she just likes being in my company I do not know. What I do know is I feel so blessed to have her in my life and wouldn't change her for the world. However it would be nice if she left me to go to the bathroom on my own a lot more (she's a bit of a stalker aha). Alba was actually a gift from my boyfriend for my 18th birthday and I have been in love ever since.

Thanks for reading!
If you want to see more about Alba or find out more info about the breed just leave me a comment below!
I will now leave you with some pictures of alba throughout her life so far.
See you soon,
Katherine x

P.s Happy Halloween!

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